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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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mission station has 4 hundred and 11 but i want to highlight i think it's really great the pedestrian education work you guys are doing and did chief con convened a joint meeting of both organizations to address pedestrian safety and had all the captains present and it was a really power time to address a new day in san francisco in terms of the congestion and we all play a role but this is so important so thank you for following through and the community really working together to insure that everyone on the road is doing everything to keep it safe. >> it's the police advisory committee that did it. >> i'll follow you on twitter too. >> anything further. well, i want to thank everybody that came out it's great that
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the commission tells us we love coming out here and thank you for taking time from our evening it's important you see that laura's law is a big law this police department and chief releases it's a crime to leave people sitting optional the sidewalks we're going to help people and it drains a lot of ever our resources the officers are heavy will i involved and i heard about the advanced training for the officers but there's only so much we can do so thank you very much for being active in the community. this meeting is adjourned.
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>> good afternoon ladies and
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gentlemen and welcome to the june 24th meeting of the sfmta board of directors and parking authority commission and miss boomer please read the roll. >> brinkman present. >> heinicke present. >> director lee present. >> director nolan. >> nolan present. chairman, directors please be advised that directors rubke and ramos will not be here today and you do have a quorum. announcement of sound-producing devices during the meeting please be advised the ringing of cell phone, pagers and other similar electronic devices are prohibited at meeting. any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. please note that cell phone set on vibrate do cause microphone interference and the board respectfully request that they turned off. item 4 approval of the june 3, and june 13 meetings. >> motion to approve. >> second. >> any further discussion? ayes have it. communication. >> item 5, communications. please be advised there will be
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no discussion of anticipated litigation in closed session. >> thank you. item 6 is the introduction of new or unfinished business by board memberses. i as privilegeding to represent the board last week at the ceremony commemorated the boring machines in north beach it was really an amazing thing to see and as i understand the machines could have a 4" variation and that was it, but these came in with less than 1/2" off and it was a remarkable experience and proud to be there on behalf of the board. director lee. >> what i wanted to do was acknowledge some retirees that the department has, cristin yawp hayashi or director of taxis and accessible seriouss and correct me if i'm wrong she is retiring after 28 years' of service in the city and has done excellent job with the
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taxi industry, making sure that a lot of our laws that we have in place are there that we have a good functional taxi service. she has also introduced new technology to the taxi industry. the other person i want to wish her well on retirement, the other person that i would like to acknowledge is cindy, who is retiring after 32 years' of service with the city. she was in charge of special events and i want to say that i spent 20 years with the san francisco chinese new year parade organizing that and cindy is to professional dealing with the public. can you hear me? the other person i want to recognize and acknowledge is a colleague and also a friend and that is tony koh, who is retiring after 37 years' of service. her last time was in the color curves -- curbs and meter repairs and she handled
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temporary parking signage. so i want to wish all of them a happy retirement and safe trips >> thank you, director lee. anyone else? unfinished business? seeing none, miss boomer. >> item 7, director's report. >> good afternoon reiskin, members of the board and public and staff, just a few quick items to report on. first we'll be rolling out muni forward which is a campaign that will be a new way to talk about the implementation of the transit effective project and bring together a long list of projects and planning efforts underway to improve the transit experience both on and off the bus. today we're launching a website for muni forward and it will be more increasingly visible part of our efforts to improve transit service. as you know after many years
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data collection and community process and intensive process, the tep was approved march 28th. there was an appeal to the environmental determination that was filed, but it has since been withdrawn that the tep is now fully approved. as we move ahead with service changes, with route changes, investments in new vehicles, we thought it would be important to frame these all in a singlar way so we could communicate clearly to the public. so you will be seeing more of that and look forward to hearing more under the umbrella of muni forward going forward. a couple of i-280 updates, one is on june 5 so a couple of weeks ago, caltrans' staff completed work on the first phase of the project to narrow the san josé off-ramp and what this is doing or intended to do is reduce
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traffic speeds for those exiting onto san josé and improve the safety for people of all modes whether walking, driving or biking, and then upgrading the existing northbound bicycle lane, which i know is where we rode on bike-to-work day, some of us. and it really up to this point felt you were riding right on the shoulder of a freeway. so pretty significant change. we'll be working with caltrans to evaluate over the course of the next year and it is scheduled -- that saurscheduled for repaving in the summer of next year. so if warranted, we will make those changes permanent and permanently reducing the number of lanes of the freeway off-ramp from two down to one and good improvements that we'll be monitoring closely.
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280, cultural will shutdown the 280 between 101 and northern terminus over the july 4th weekend to continue the improvement project. the closure begins wednesday, july 2nd at 9:00 p.m. and begins to july 7th, really the same drill as what they did over memorial day. and then there will be one more closure labor day weekend. the final thing i wanted to note this coming sunday is the last day that the parking meters will be in effect in many areas of the city. this being the end of the fiscal year. parking meters will continue to be in effect on sundays at locations where they were prior to our citywide expansion, including fisherman's wharf, the port of san francisco and serve of our off-street parking lots and additionally the
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parking meters that are in effect on sundays in the special event area are around at&t will continue to be in effect just on the special event days, but not on the other sundays. that concludes my report. >> thank you, director reiskin. members of the board, questions or comments? members of the publickb questions or comments on director's report, seeing none, miss boomer. >> item 8 citizens advisory committee report. >> i think i saw mr. weaver here. mr. weaver. chairman weaver, come forward, please. good afternoon, mr. weaver. >> good afternoon. got some motions that we have adopted to present to you today. i believe you previously received a copy of these. motion no. 1 came to our attention at the last meeting that the milan historic streetcars arrived in san francisco not making loud noises, but the noises seem to get louder and louder. so we
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suggest that the mta try to figure out what is going on? perhaps talk to the people back in milan about them, and try to fix it. so that they can continue to be used. next motion has to do with -- that the mta prioritize planning and implementation for suitable shelter for historic streetcars stored at metro east. i guess since we have passed this motion, it's become clear that all of the historic and vintage cars are now residing in metro east. as i understand it, a number of them need shelter and may not be getting shelter because think moved out from the cameron beach yard, which was sheltered, finally, a couple of years ago. and now they may be out in the cold again. and out in the rain apparently
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most dangerous for them. so we recommend that you focus some attention on that and some resources. if you haven't done that already. next, the legal minds on our cac focused on the issue of a definition of "historic and vintage equipment." which apparently applis in the administrative code to the board of supervisors, but may not apply to the sfmta because of the change in the charter. so we recommend that you adopt the same position that the board of supervisors has followed over the years; which is in administrative code chapter 10, article 13, section 10.84. "no city department may sell, loan, for a period in excess of one year or otherwise dispose of any vintage transit equipment without approval by the board." in this case, your board, we would recommend
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saying. after a public hearing. vintage transit equipment means "ney muni rolling stock that is more than 25 years old and does not include components wornout, broken or otherwise unusable and which will be replaced by components of a like kind designed to serve the same function or usable surplus components. the next motion has to do with parking permit holders. cac recommends that new housing unitbilt without parking spaces not be eligible for more than one residential parking permit unless the number of permits outstanding is less than the number of parking spaces available. finally the cac urges the sfmta
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board to pursue fair differentials on the cable cars, keeping clipper fares constant while gradually increasing cash fares by a larger inkment to keep the cable car system more affordable to regular riders. that is my report. >> thank you, mr. weaver. on behalf of the board, thank you for your always thoughtful recommendations coming from the citizens advisory committee. appreciate that. thank you. members of the public, comments on the recommendations? seeing none, miss boomer. >> public comment. we'll start with p.j. williams. and then followed by hans kim and anthony ballister.
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>> good afternoon mr. williams. >> good afternoon. i understand that you guys aren't obligated to answer any questions, but i just wanted to state some of the facts about the municipal railway. i am a driver. my name is p.j. williams and i drive out of the green division. the average driver at muni spends $35 a day just to get to work. that translates over 52 weeks that translates to $9100 a year. now after five years' of no raise, and no cola, no cost of living adjustment, we were all very appalled by what we have seen in the papers and what the media reports about the "contract." we all know what a swap is and we all know what a trade-off is, but after five years of no raisess and they come after us and the deal includes money coming away from us, a takeaway, and you wonder why the drivers are so upset?
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all we want to be treated like is human beings. we're not asking to make the most money. we're just asking to be treated fair and have a competitive raise. not so much a compared raise because you can compare money either way you want to, any way you want to compare something you can, but most of us don't live here, can't afford to live here. i have been here all my life and i'm not leaving burk a lot of my co-workers can't afford to live in the city, the benefits are one thing, but you can't buy food at safeway with benefits. we just want to be treated fair. that is all i have to say. >> thank you, mr. williams. next speaker, please. >> han su kim, followed by anthony ballistyer. >> good afternoon, directors and first let me just say that i think i speak on behalf of the entire taxi industry when i say these painted red diamond
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lanes that are painted red have been enormously effective in louing taxis cabs to get around faster and encourage you to continue this in all the main corridors. it's been extremely effective and things like this have to be looked at and done quickly. thank you very much for that. i am addressing my comments to you today and also to the public at-large. we are hearing over and over about how uber is about innovation and technology and how the taxi industry is not. well, they have framed this issue in that way, but, in fact what this is about deregulation. let me tell new a deregulated environment, my taxi cab company would do just fine. the problem is it appropriate and is it in the public interest to allow anybody to take their personal car without any accountability, without commercial insurance, and act like a taxi cab in the city?
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i think that is the problem here and as i speak here today, there are thousands of unregulated, uninsured, unaccountable people picking up strangers on a daily basis. criminality will follow. it's not about innovation and technology, it's about deregulation and is that in the interest of the taxi industry? i want to say very clearly it is now. right now the taxi industry has had a serious problem. since anybody can take their personal car and act like a taxi cab, the driver pool of licensed a-cardholders are shrinking and shrinking. we don't fix this problem soon, there will not be enough licensed cab drivers to lease taxi cabs and it's happening now and the taxi industry has no choice, but to retool in a deregulated environment. that is happening and it it has to be adressed. thank you. >> thank you, anthony ballister is the last person who turned into a speaker
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card. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chairman nolan, director reiskin, my name is anthony ballistyer and i'm not here representing the union or the mta, i'm here on my own. i have gone through the numbers of the proposed contract that unions were working on and i find out that a total of 8.2 pay increase, 7.5% going into the pensions of the hires before july 1, 2011. so that would be a net increase of $0.21 an hour for the operators who have been here for without a pay increase in the last six years. $0.21 doesn't add up per hour for operators' increase. on the proposed contract, i pulled off your website states
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that muni coach operators or muni operators hired after july 1, 2011 will receive $30.91 an hour, which of course, we're going to put a little bit more into our pension also. so we'll end up getting -- even though we're getting less than operators before -- hired before july 1, 2011, which the proposed wage is $32.94, we're getting $1.03 less. and then lastly, the average 8-hour day, 40 hours a week [pa-eurbgs/] muni coach operators hired after july 1, 2011 were putting in 5% of our pay, 8 hours -- 8 hours comes out to $3078.43 and the operators that were hired
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before had that immediate spendible cash because sfmta was puttinging that amount into their pay. i would like to see equal pay, you know, for everyone. and$0. 21 is not enough and we should have equal pay. thank you very much. >> thank you. director heinicke, you have a question? >> well, first of all, mr. ballister, thank you for your service to the city and you have come down before and helped us understand things better. the information that he provided is not consistent with my understanding. so would you like to address that here or in another forum or something? if what he said was correct, please tell us, but my understanding that is not really sort of consistent with all that is going on. given that we are on television and given that a lot of our valued employees are here, i think we should probably figure out whether today or in some other forum we provide the information that i think this gentleman deserves.
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>> i guess all i would say is first of all this matter was not agendized for discussion today. we have put information on our website. we have also made an agreement with the union not to discuss publicly, as we are in the current process. so i would like to just refer folks to the information that is on our website, that just represents what came out of the mediated settlement. i wouldn't want to speculate on what numbers different people are looking at or talking about. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> anyone else care to address the board under "public comment?" good afternoon, mr. williams >> eric williams, president for the transportation workers union. good afternoon, chairman, mr. reiskin. let's talk about it actually because the public needs to know the truth. unfortunately mr. ballister doesn't have the correct information. that is another distraction, another ploy, if you didn't know mr. ballister of how they put this particular information out to the public, to get you
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all riled up on what is what. that information is not correct. okay? so if you know anything about politics, will you understand that. so mr. reiskin and the board and public you are talking about -- i expressed this at the last meeting how you want to treat the operators fair. they deserve this and they deserve that. but again, your team at the negotiations table has a totally different attitude. so what you are saying here is totally insulting. it is totally insulting. and it's hard for me to believe that none of you on the board knew about what was going on. this is a calculatedattack on the biggest minority group of employees in the city, period. if you guys really want to help us out, really appreciate the work that the men and women are doing day in and day out for this agency, you would give us a fair contract. >> thank you, mr. williams. anyone else wish to address the
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board on public commenting? seeing none. does anyone else wish to address the board? if so, please fill out a good. >> good afternoon, i'm a former transit operator. from what i understand what you are presenting to this membership is ridiculous. based on what we need to do, what we had to do out there, we had no restrooms. we have female operators ducking between coaches, urinating between two coaches. these are the conditions and you want to shove some ridiculous contract in front of the membership and expect them to abide by it. we all know what is the truth
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and what is behind this contract. you guys running this outfit as a corporation, instead of a public service. and you know that is illegal. instead of stepping up to the plate and tell newsome, you know this prop g was -- all you guys want to do is fulfill your corporation's downtown, the corporations don't vote. people back here do. so in closing, we have to change the
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formula of how this board is being governed or appointed. so we do have a ballot initiative to put on the ballot, to change the formula, so the community can have a voice. >> anybody else who wishes to address the board. >> good afternoon. >> thank you, i didn't expect to comment on this hearing the testimony, i am a 37-year driver at desoto and the experience he speaks of is real and i want to reiterate it's an extremely serious situation and formula for disaster. thank you. >> thank you, next item. >> the consent calendar all items are considered to be routine unless a member of the public or member of the board
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wishes to have the item severed and considered separately. we have received a request item 10.4 regarding the car share vehicles and 10.11 with regard to the development agreement between the city and county and visitacion valley department group be severed. >> 10.4, i'm sorry? >> 10.11. >> yes. >> i have received no indication that any other item would be severed. >> with the remaining items, all those in favor, say aye? >> aye. >> 10.4. >> 10.4 establishes no stopping any time, et cetera. would you like to hear the public first or from staff? >> members of the board? >> i think maybe the public first. >> we have a number of speakers i trust.
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>> yes. [ reading speakers' names ] >> thank you for seeing me. i i'm a long time resident of the lower haight and for as along as i have been there 20 years it's impossible to park there. we are rife with bar, restaurants, shops, wiggle and google buss and we're already inundated and on sundays we have the double parking for four block as round as well for the churches. down the way there is going to be some very large apartment units going in that will oasis
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also add to the parking problem. [speaker not understood] i drove around for 45 minutes last week and finally ended up in one of the spots that you people are talking about putting intothe pilot program. therefore it would have left me driving around more, using more emissions. i think you understand my point. it's putting more cars on the road, not less. what is the public's incentive to go for this program? the argument that people want to go out their door and have a car for them is the same argument for people who own their own cars and pay for maintenance and pay for parking permits. it's also in direct conflict with an anti-obesity campaign that the board of supervisors is adopting and quite frankly, if you want people to walk to their cars, the people who own their cars should be able to walk to them and the people who don't own their own cars should have to walk to them. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker.
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[ reading speakers' names ]. >> good afternoon. >> hi my name is haley and i'm a full-time nanny and graduate student studying to work with children with autism and the dedicated and sharing economy worldwide -- 275,000 people from san francisco residents and visitors signed my petition to support your car sharing parking program. they signed my petition because they want to get help to get these proposed parking spots approved and make the program a success. i graduated from college during the great recession, the traditional jobs my parent's generation could rely on aren't there for me or my peers. so this will benefit not only ourselves, but our community. it has provided me with more time and resources for travel and education. i feel good rent mig car out to my neighbors, who use it to